Financing and Leasing Services

Don’t let a limited tech budget stop your innovation. See how our technology financing and equipment leasing services can help.

Let’s Expand Your Technology Budget

First Light Technologies (FLT) offers flexible financing and leasing services to help you keep current with technology, so you can drive business innovation while managing costs


IBM Project Financing

A dedicated single-source IT financing option
Mitigate the risk of delayed projects and reduce contract scope to speed implementation.

  • One dedicated funding source to avoid project delays for large-scale projects.
  • Financing for your complete portfolio of IBM solutions and services.
IBM Financing


IBM Global Financing Leasing Options

  • A predictable approach to building your on-prem infrastructure with minimal impact on capital budgets.
  • Customized first payments to align to your budget cycle and help you get started faster.
  • Lease payments matched to investment value and benefit milestones can help improve your Return on Investment.
  • Delivers lower Total Cost Of Ownership compared to buying with cash and provides continued access to leading-edge technology.
  • Add more capacity or features during the middle of the lease, often with little or no change in monthly payments.
  • Renew or extend the lease, buy the equipment, or return it when the lease expires.


Acquire the technology you need through an alternative source of funds — so you can maximize purchasing power at competitive rates and with flexible terms. Loans are available for IBM hardware, services and software - including pre-paid SaaS subscriptions.

  • Available for hardware, software and services from IBM. Non-IBM content which is part of an overall IBM end user client solution may also be eligible for financing through IBM Global Financing.
  • Reduces upfront cost outlays.
  • Matches payments to deployment milestones.
  • Helps conserve cash.