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Financing and Leasing Services

Don’t let a limited tech budget stop your innovation. See how our technology financing and equipment leasing services can help.

Let’s Expand Your Technology Budget

First Light Technologies (FLT) offers flexible financing and leasing services to help you keep current with technology, so you can drive business innovation while managing costs

Overcome Budget Limitations

Many companies struggle to balance the need for new technology with budget constraints.First Light Technologies helps stretch budget dollars with low monthly payments and provides a single partner resource for all of your financial needs.

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

In today’s rapidly shifting landscape, optimizing your resources and keeping your technology current ensures your business stays relevant and runs more efficiently.We’ll help you refresh your IT assets without the time constraints that come with capital acquisitions. We offer leasing that enables you to add on or upgrade your technology faster.

Jump-Start Your Return on Investment

With an IGF lease and/or financing solution, your cash remains untouched and available for other profitable uses. In addition, leasing expands your company’s financial resources without affecting established credit lines.

We Are Proud to Partner With the World's Top Technology Companies

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