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What is IBM Guardium?

IBM Guardium is a data platform designed to help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. Malicious actors use various methods to infect, infiltrate, and exfiltrate data from organizations. Guardium enables you to identify and mitigate these threats to focus on what matters most: keeping your mission-critical data secure and protecting the people, processes, and policies that are critical to your success.

Graphing, scripting, and programming languages have become a thing of the past. Today’s data scientists use specialized tools to build models, crunch numbers, and explore insights. The field of AI is no different. IBM’s Guardium platform is a new way to build AI applications that can process and analyze data the way a human does.

For more information, see IBM Guardium Documentation

Why IBM Guardium?

IBM Guardium gives an easy, durable remedy for stopping data leaks from databases and also files, helping to guarantee the integrity of data in the data center and automating compliance controls.

Reach out today to learn more about how IBM Guardium can protect your environment:
  • Automatically locate databases and also find and also identify sensitive details within them
  • Automatically assess data source vulnerabilities as well as setup defects
  • Make sure that configurations are locked down and confirm suggested changes are carried out
  • Enable high visibility at a granular degree into data sources that deals with sensitive data
  • Track activities of end-users who access data indirectly with business applications
  • Screen and enforce a wide variety of policies, including sensitive information access, database change control, as well as privileged access control
  • Produce a single, safe, and secure, centralized audit repository for large heterogeneous systems and databases
  • Automate the whole compliance auditing procedure, including creating and dispersing reports and recording remarks and signatures

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