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What is IBM QRadar?

IBM QRadar is a cybersecurity platform that collects, analyzes, and correlates events from various security systems and formats them into an easy-to-read dashboard. QRadar is used by companies of all sizes and needs, from small shops and mid-sized businesses to enterprises and government agencies.

QRadar's intuitive dashboard allows users to customize their experience and tailor it to their unique needs. Users can set up rules to automatically direct specific threats to their security team or review the dashboard and take action or respond as needed.

For more information, see IBM QRadar Documentation

Why IBM QRadar?

IBM QRadar is the world's leading security platform, offering a wide range of products and services to help organizations manage security threats and protect their data and systems. The platform provides continuous protection, advanced analytics, and a host of integrated services, assisting organizations in detecting threats and responding to security incidents in real-time.

Reach out today to talk about the advantages of QRadar:
  • Real-time visibility into the entire IT infrastructure so teams can detect threats and prioritize
  • Reduce and prioritize alerts so teams can focus on actionable lists of suspected, high probability incidents
  • Enable effective threat management while producing detailed data access and user activity reports
  • Operates in on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Make informed risk-based decisions without having to move your data

What are the components of IBM QRadar?

QRadar provides comprehensive, multi-directional threat protection and helps IT teams manage and respond to incidents. The core components of QRadar are SIEM, User Behavior Analytics, Network Insights, Vulnerability Manager, and Incident Forensics.

Cloud Pak for Security components are:


  • QRadar SIEM is an industry-leading security information and event management solution that is the base platform of the IBM QRadar family.  An integrated security platform, QRadar SIEM provides real-time security analytics, insights, and actions across hybrid IT environments.  QRadar continuously detects and responds to cyber threats security incidents using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

User Behavior Analytics

  • QRadar User Behavior Analytics is a powerful and intuitive data discovery platform that helps security analysts find the needle in the haystack of malicious activity. Unlike traditional security tools, QRadar User Behavior Analytics offers many ways to visualize and navigate the data so you can find the most important signals and prioritize your response. QRadar User Behavior Analytics is also integrated with other data sources so that you can build a deeper and more complete picture of your threat landscape.

Network Insights

  • QRadar Network Insights is an end-to-end platform for advanced threat hunting, delivering the context, relationships, and history needed to find and identify advanced threats. Leveraging billions of events from across the network provides the necessary intelligence and context to identify advanced attacks, detect advanced adversary behavior, and predict advanced threats.

Vulnerability Manager

  • QRadar Vulnerability Manager automates the discovery, assessment, and prioritization of vulnerabilities to ensure the highest likelihood of a successful exploit avoidance and compliance strategy. The Vulnerability Manager is a powerful security tool that can search for and identify vulnerabilities in your environment and prioritize the risk associated with each.

Incident Forensics

  • QRadar Incident Forensics is a powerful analytical tool that enables you to gain actionable intelligence from your data. It uses machine learning algorithms to identify the source and nature of an incident and predict and minimize the impact of a given attack. QIF empowers you to detect advanced threats and analyze data much faster than ever before.

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