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What are Network Infrastructure Solutions?

Network infrastructure solutions are the technologies and services used to build, manage, and protect complex network infrastructure. They include everything from network infrastructure hardware and software to network consulting services and managed network services. They are the backbone of our business and our ability to serve our customers.

Every piece of data, every transaction, and every piece of communication in the modern world travels through a network of technology and infrastructure. Companies, governments, and individuals rely on networks to run their businesses, manage their infrastructure, and communicate with one another. First Light Technologies is a Managed Service Provider that specializes in network infrastructure solutions.

At First Light Technologies, we specialize in network infrastructure solutions, including fiber optic cable, switching, and routers. We also provide network monitoring, security, and disaster recovery services. Our dedicated team of professionals and state-of-the-art facilities have enabled us to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to our clients in a timely manner.

Is There a Difference Between IT Infrastructure and Network Infrastructure?

Network Infrastructure is a network of computers and routers that connect all other computers to form a network for exchanging information. This infrastructure includes switches, routers, servers, power sources, and electrical wiring. IT Infrastructure, also called information technology infrastructure, is everything else that a business needs to run its operations, such as the power sources, computer hardware, software, and other technology that keeps its computing systems running and allows them to connect to other technology.

The network infrastructure may be viewed as a smaller category within the more extensive IT infrastructure. A stable network infrastructure assists the success of the vast IT infrastructure. A company requires both a robust IT infrastructure as well as network infrastructure to have cohesive solutions and continual success.

How is Network Infrastructure the Most Important Piece of IT Infrastructure?

Network infrastructure is the backbone of your network. It’s also the foundation of all things digital. Everything in the digital world begins with a connection to the Internet, which starts with a link to network infrastructure. Network infrastructure is the collection of physical equipment and people that make your network possible. Node technologies like switches, routers, and firewalls are not part of the network infrastructure and are only visible to users. They allow network administrators to control network traffic, identify network bottlenecks, and implement bandwidth management policies.

Main Obstacles Surrounding Network Infrastructure Solutions

There is quite a bit of challenge in managing Network Infrastructure Solutions. The top Network Infrastructure obstacles are:
Networking Infrastructure

1) Centralized Traffic

A centralized traffic routing system can be used to route all traffic for a network and manage the network's physical resources more effectively. Centralized traffic management systems are typically complex to manage and challenging to maintain. They are also vulnerable to failure since they are positioned at points in the network where a failure will cause the most significant impact.

2) Managing Duplicate Data

Managing duplicate data is one of the most challenging aspects of network infrastructure. When multiple devices and servers are connected to the same network, it can be hard to track what is being used and what isn't. This can lead to inefficiencies and waste in your network. However, there are several ways to manage your duplicate data and prevent network inefficiency and waste.

3) Sending the Correct Data to the Correct Tool

Many businesses have an abundance of cyber security providers and tools, which can be a challenge for effectively using a Network Infrastructure Solutions. The goal is to send the correct data to the right tool and, most importantly, to send it at the right time. To achieve this goal, Network Infrastructure Solutions need to be flexible to adapt to the different needs and demands of the organization and environment.

Why is Network Visibility Important?

Maintaining complete visibility throughout your network infrastructure is essential for performance monitoring and threat detection. As well as managing network blind spots is a major pain point for numerous organizations. Acquiring wide network visibility enables you to discover those blind spots, so threats from all sources can be determined as well as remediated faster. First Light Technologies has the tools and services you require to develop a robust and secure network infrastructure solution.

How to Streamline Data to Your Tools

First Light Technologies can help you greatly enhance the effectiveness of your network as well as security tools by removing duplicate data usually sent out to these tools. First Light also allows an intelligent traffic filtering system, so the appropriate web traffic is sent out to the right tools. For instance, email traffic is sent out to email security tools, but video clip traffic is not.

With First Light, you can maximize expensive storage and processing resources to manage redundant or unnecessary data. As a result, you can delay future financial investments and/or take advantage of existing tools to cover even more of your network.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Our network infrastructure solutions deliver enhanced performance for small to large, and simple to complex networks. We partner with our customers to design, build, and operate their network infrastructure, providing them with a single point of contact for all their networking needs.

Network Routing

Network Routing is the process of finding the best path between two points in network infrastructure solutions. Routers use Network Routing to figure out the best way to get data from one point in the network to another. Each router in a network infrastructure solution has a set of network routes that are known to it. When data needs to be transmitted, the router consults its list of known routes and picks the best one to use.
Branch Routing

Gain highly secure connectivity, machine learning, and cloud-managed security

WAN Aggregation

WAN Aggregation
Get performance and security for WAN, Internet, and machine-to-machine (M2M)​ interconnectivity

Edge Routing

Grow density and resiliency with programmability for a scalable network edge

Service Provider Core

Service Provider Core
Address today's needs and scale for future ones with strong ROI

Network Switching

Network switching is the process of directing network traffic from one network node to another. It is the final layer of the OSI model and is often the most complicated. Without network switches, we would be unable to exchange information and communicate with one another. Today, network switches are found in almost every network infrastructure solution for major buildings and office spaces, from small businesses to large corporations.
LAN Access Switching

LAN Access
Deploy mobility with ease, strengthen security, and simplify your network

LAN Digital Building Switching

LAN Digital Building
Extend deployments outside the wiring closet with small, flexible switches

LAN Core & Distribution Switching

LAN Core & Distribution
Get powerful campus switching solutions with uncompromised scale and services

Data Center Switching

Data Center
Meet the stringent requirements of the next-generation data center.

Cloud-Scale Data Center Switching

Cloud-Scale Data Center
Build your cloud infrastructure for programmability and scale

Storage Networking

Storage Networking
Get high-performance, scalable multi-protocol storage networking

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet
Deploy scalable and secure switching in your industrial network.

Small Business

Small Business
We offer an ideal combination of features and affordability for growing businesses.

Wireless Networking

Today, more than ever, people require fast, reliable internet access wherever they are. This is especially true for businesses, which rely on good internet connectivity for bringing customers and conducting online transactions. And for business owners, the costs of leasing a wired network can be prohibitive. Enter wireless products for network infrastructure solutions.
Indoor access points

Indoor access points
Get the highest-performing access points with Cisco innovations

Outdoor and industrial access points

Outdoor and industrial access points
Deliver access to people, apps, and network resources beyond the building

Wireless LAN controllers

Wireless LAN controllers
Make your enterprise network digital-ready with our intelligent controllers

Cloud-managed access points

Cloud-managed access points
Go cloud-managed for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility