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What is a Security Assessment?

Security Assessments are strategic exercises that test your organization’s current risk posture by reviewing your current environment, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and documenting ways to enhance your preparedness with specific, targeted ideas and actions.  These assessments are also helpful in keeping your systems and policies up to date.

First Light Offered Security Assessments

Security breaches are incredibly costly and time-consuming.  Implementing a security solution alone is not enough to stop them.  A security assessment offered by First Light will help you and your organization identify the risky behavior of employees and systems to protect and take action against threats and vulnerabilities.

Reach out today to learn more about the following Security Assessments:
  • Cyber Resiliency Assessment
  • MaaS360 Value Assessment
  • QRadar Value Assessment
  • Guardium Vulnerability Assessment
  • PAM Maturity Assessment
  • Resilient Value Assessment
  • IBM Security X-Force Ransomware Readiness Assessment
  • PEN Testing